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EBay added a virtual foreign money part to its website early last month, giving Bitcoin and related users the choice to buy and promote the digital monies. The company could also be extending its cryptocurrency embrace to include help on PayPal.

The knowledge came from eBay's CEO John Donahoe, who said so throughout the company's shareholder meeting earlier this week. It is no secret that Donahoe appears favorably upon digital currencies, and he praised the "thrilling and rising technology" in the course of the newest meeting.

In line with Donahoe, eBay views Bitcoin as being a potential game-changer in the future, though the way it'll impact industries and the way eBay desires to utilize it is still something being contemplated. He summed it up by saying that "[Bitcoin is] on our radar."

There is no guarantee at this level that PayPal will ever integrate Bitcoin into the service, however considering Donahoe's past discussions concerning the matter and eBay's current launch of a virtual currency part, the presumably appears doubtless.

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PayPal contemplating adding Bitcoin – SlashGear
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